Bride and Groom

Richard and Alison De Bruin

Richard and Alison De Bruin

Once upon a time, on a glorious sunny day, 110 of the most noble ladies and gentleman, in the city of gold were welcomed by the smells of Wisteria and the ethereal gardens of the exquisite Morrells Boutique Hotel in Northcliff.

The guests waited in anticipation to witness the heartfelt union of the loving couple, Alison Bartie and Richard De Bruin in the chapel situated at the top of a spiral staircase leading to the vintage outlay of a grand piano and lounging area.

Alison stood behind the wooden doors like a ballerina in the wings, heart racing with excitement before her first performance in front of an eager audience.

As the doors opened and the many faces all beamed and cameras flashed, the face of her beloved was the brightest light in the whole room and she knew that this “is my happily ever after, this is my prince”.

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