The Midlands Meander Road Trip

The Midlands Meander Road Trip

Nothing sells a place like captivating visuals – and the area known as the Midlands Meander is full of beautiful countryside and inspiring landscapes.

There is that saying – a picture tells a 1000 words and the Midlands Meander Association believes that their road trip video full of beautiful visuals will inspire visitors to come and see what they have to offer.

Everyone who visits the area takes lots of photographs and video footage of their visits and this motivated the recently released Midlands Meander road trip video.

At the beginning of 2015 they launched the #mymidlandsmeander competition and asked people to submit video footage of their favourite places in the Midlands

Marian Evans manager of the MMA said: “The Midlands Meander offers a country escape to everyone wanting to get away from the hectic city lifestyle. It is a slower pace of life and the natural beauty of the area is soothing to the senses.

“We believe everyone has a little bit of country in them and the beauty and the hospitality of the Midlands really captures that home away from home experience.”

Those who submitted their videos and footage of their favourite Midlands Meander moments were able to enter and win a possible prize worth R25 000 … and then the video clips came rolling in. And boy was there some awesome stuff.

Some videos had great berg views. There were pretty brides and their bridesmaids having fun before the seriousness of the big day. There were lovely family portraits of families chilling next to the magnificent Karkloof Falls and kids riding their mountain bikes on country trails.

Evans said: “In fact we were completely overwhelmed. It was incredibly hard to choose the winner because of the number of fantastic entries. Some people took footage on their ordinary cell phone cameras and others went all Hollywood style and used go-pro footage from their mountain bike helmets.”

Beautiful sunsets over the flower filled fields vied with picturesque country landscapes and cows for attention. Overall we got the sense that people just loved coming to the Midlands as much as we loved having them here.

The foodies showed off their plates piled with yummy nosh and those with an eye for décor showed off the best of our country style hospitality.

The winner of the #mymidlandsmeander competition was Jessica Sinclair, a teacher from Durban and she scooped the prize worth R25 000.

Her submission was voted the best through social media votes.  The MMA wanted to use the footage and came up with the idea of a “road trip promotional video” incorporating elements from all the videos that were submitted by Midlands Meander fans.

The final edit and extra footage was done by Nathan Pellow-Jarman a Durban cameraman and the project came together. The Midlands Meander road trip is a fun collage of Meander experiences that can be done in the greater Midlands Meander area.

As people started to plan their final holiday destinations we launched the Midlands Meander road trip video on youtube to woo those people who may have not yet decided where to spend their holidays.

To also make their meandering easier we launched the Midlands Meander app to celebrate the 30th birthday of the MMA. It is the oldest tourism route in South Africa and the first one to launch a tourism app.

The app can be downloaded on Google playstore and from December 1st iPhone users can download it on iStore for free.

To experience the Midlands Meander road trip video … watch it here

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