Keep your leather handbag looking fab for years

Keep your leather handbag looking fab for years

A good handbag is like a good pair of shoes – it’s the perfect accessory to add a finishing touch to your outfit. Most of us know how to take care of our shoes, but somehow handbags are expected to bear the brunt of our daily activities without much thought to the wear-and-tear. Exclusive handbag makers, Via La Moda share their tips on taking care of your investment handbag…

When in use

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  • Keep liquids, such as make-up and creams in a separate bag inside your handbag to avoid spillage on the lining.
  • Always put pens in a penholder and be careful with a pen in your hand. Pen marks generally don’t come out, so it is best to avoid them all together.
  • When placing your bag in the car, ensure that it is in a secure place. You don’t want it to fall over and roll around as it causes scuff marks and can potentially damage the leather.
  • Avoid placing handbags on the floor – even though good bags mostly have studs protecting the bottom, the floor is still an unfriendly place for handbags to be placed, as it may be stood on or kicked over.
  • Ensure that your hands are clean when holding your bag. Sweat, cream and natural oils can cause the handles to go darker over time.
  • Dark coloured clothing, such as dark jeans, sometimes give off dye. Be careful, especially with light coloured bags such as white or cream, as dye generally stains permanently.


  • Keep your handbags in the dust bags they originally came in when they’re not used. This protects the leather from being scuffed and also protects it from light that may cause discolouring over time. This also protects the bags from rubbing colour off on each other, which is often the case especially with patent leather.
  • Keep bags stuffed in order to keep its shape. Bags can easily cave in and change shape when empty. Use plain, soft, undyed paper such as tissue paper if you no longer have the original stuffing.
  • Keep bags on a dedicated bag shelve. This is common practice for the storage of shoes, and should be common practice for bags too. This ensures that bags are not squashed on top of each other – getting scuffed or losing shape. When hanging bags on a hook, gradual wear and tear is caused on the handles, and may even stretch the handles over time.

What to do when your handbag gets wet

A downpour may catch you off guard, forcing you to find shelter under your ever faithful leather handbag. If you’re left with a dry hairdo but a wet leather handbag, follow these steps;

  • Don’t panic! Some bags may go darker due to the water, but should restore back to their original colour in most cases.
  • Empty the contents of your bag and stuff it with paper in order to keep the shape.
  • Put your bag in a dry place away from sunlight and leave it to dry. Depending on how wet your bag is, this may take a few days.
  • DO NOT put your bag in the sun or expose it to heat such as hairdryers, sunlight, ovens or microwaves.

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