The Girls Guide to fashion trends

The Girls Guide to fashion trends

The 2 Girls Guide to Life video bloggers, Waewest and Jesze share their top 10 style trends for 2016

1. The classic white shirt. Do look for upgrades from the basics to more detail for everyday styling.

2. The simple and sophisticated half moon bag is the “it” accessory this season.

3. Sequins add detail and glitters in the night.

4. Lingerie over any clothing is in! From satin to lace is beautiful and soft.

5. Sassy fringing detail is in for any season.

6. Denim denim denim… Any lightweight and blue pair will trend.

7. Heels and high tops but always remain in comfy shoes, especially mules.

8. If you want to be a shipwreck mermaid then this season is for you for all sorts of netting for full length dresses.

9. Tie die with a less hippy and more romantic style for this season’s look although it works for Spring season, too.

10. Street style has become more utility based so look for pockets and straps to add more detail to your look and not just added storage.


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