Fabulous and Fit

Fabulous and Fit

We dont know about you, but we’re in need of a serious slim down and we know just the gal who’ll whip our butts into shape.. Winchester Hills’ Pilates instructor, Ashleigh Thomas

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are key ingredients to a better life, but with our heavy, demanding, jam-packed lifestyles, it’s often the last thing we do. Sitting down with Ashleigh, from Just Breathe Studio, we are instantly motivated to get up and get fit. She has a body every woman dreams of. We cant even begin to imagine how much commitment and hard work it will take to look the way she does. But her goal was always to inspire others to develop a healthier lifestyle by training and eating healthily.

“I was born with sport in my blood. I knew from a very young age that in one way or another I would be involved in the fitness industry one day. My interest, however, started when I was teased about not having the right body shape to be a professional ballet dancer.”

Ashleigh works as a pilates instructor at her own Just Breathe Studio, based at the Active Sports and Rehabilitation clinic in Brackenhurst.She has been teaching pilates for 12 years! Ashleigh recently introduced anti-gravity Pilates  classes, a new fitness technique performing classical and contemporary exercises on a hammock. New to the South, the training assists in building your core strength and targets your muscle conditioning

“Your mind builds your body – Joseph Pilates”

Ashleigh’s top 5 tips for people who want to become fit

  1. Set realistic goals
  2. Make sure you are mentally prepared
  3. Participate in something based on your interests and something you will enjoy doing
  4. Be consistent, nothing ever comes easily
  5. Make exercise part of your daily routine

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