A must have for all new mothers and mothers to be

A must have for all new mothers and mothers to be

Baby must have: The baby sleeping bag with killer instinct – mozzie-killing instinct, that is…

We are not exaggerating when we say that this is the most excited we have been about one of our products,” says Chris Baff, “we have packed more features into this baby sleeping bag than Ster Kinekor does into its theatres”. Introducing Parental Instinct’s 0.5 and 1 Tog Snuggle Bag – the baby sleeping bag with a killer instinct.

Yes, sleep experts definitely recommend the use of baby sleeping bags as they minimise the risk of overheating or getting trapped under loose blankets or sheets, reducing the risk of SIDS. And yes, baby sleeping bags also ensure that your little one doesn’t wake up from cold after kicking their blankets off and that has to be a win, doesn’t it? But here’s why Parental Instinct is so excited about their Snuggle bags: they have an anti-mosquito outer shell! Perfect for the African summer.

The shell is treated with an all-natural, totally odourless eucalyptus extract that provides an amazing 90% mosquito repellency, so no more itchy wake-ups, smelly anti-mozzie potions and no more mid-night mozzie-bite inspections!

But they didn’t just stop there: every Snuggle Bag also includes an anti-bacterial, super-soft inner lining, a ‘top down’ zip to make getting your wriggling or sleeping baby into the bag easier, as well as a seatbelt opening at the back. This means you can easily transfer your sleeping baby into or from the carseat without sacrificing car safety or sleep tranquility. The seatbelt opening is made from a new super-soft velcro, making sure that it won’t irritate your child’s skin.

Paddy Muldoon and Chris Baff are Parental Instinct – a range of clever clothes for babies and toddlers. After spending a combined 37 years designing, producing and incorporating innovations in sportswear, these two sport, style and design-loving Dads decided that it was time to bring these innovations home, and help to make parenting that little bit easier.

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