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Festive Flowering

Festive Flowering

We’re getting into the holiday spirit by jazzing up our gardens with starry white blooms and, for a festive lunch, lots of micro greens

Garden tasks for December

  • Mulch flower beds to keep the soil cool and moist for longer and discourage weeds. You can use pine needles, peanut shells, bark chips or macadamia nutshells.
  • Move plants in pots and hanging baskets out of the direct sun. They can even be sunk into the ground in a shady area.
  • Before you go away, pull out all weeds.
  • Cut the lawn and water well, in between the approved watering hours, just before going away.
  • Cover vegetables with 60-80 per cent shade cloth to keep them cool and less water-hungry. A temporary framework can be made by pushing poles into each corner of the bed, draping the shade cloth over and fixing it in place with pegs.


Festive meals are never complete without fresh-from-the-garden greens! We’re planting micro-greens to sprinkle over summery pastas and sandwiches and to use as a crunchy garnish. Micro-greens can be any leafy green vegetable … lettuce, beetroot, rocket, mustard, basil, chervil or Swiss chard. You should harvest the greens when their first set of edible true leaves appear, which usually takes about three weeks. To harvest, simply snip off the leaves at soil level. Use large seed trays and plant up a new seed tray each week for an ongoing supply. If you don’t want to cut everything, you can leave some plants to grow to baby leaf stage and even to full maturity.

Bird house, R325 from NAP Linen and Decor

Compiled by: Kate Argo. Text: Alice Coetzee

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