Tips to keep the little ones calm on Christmas Eve

Tips to keep the little ones calm on Christmas Eve

We all remember what it was like to spend Christmas Eve excitedly bouncing off the walls and annoying our parents.

Instead of having to spend the whole day threatening your children, try these tips to keep the little ones calm this Christmas Eve.

Christmas movie marathon
Bust out all of your favourite classic Christmas movies. Oldies like, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “A Christmas Carol” or “The Grinch” are ideal.

The ‘just one gift’ tradition
If the whole family is getting a little impatient, you can always bust out the “just one gift” tradition. Everyone gets to open a single present, then you’ll all have something to play with on Christmas Eve night.

Bake Santa’s cookies
You need some yummy cookies to leave Santa Clause on Christmas Eve, don’t you? Well instead of laying out store-bought ones, let your little ones help make homemade cookies for the big guy. They can even spend an hour or two decorating the perfect Christmas tree sugar cookie.

Long bubble baths
There’s nothing holiday-inspired about this suggestion. But a nice, long bubble bath is the perfect way to calm down your little one before they’re supposed to dream of sugar plums.

Clean out for new toys
If you’re in a sneaky mood, tell your children that they can only keep their Christmas toys if they have space in their room for these new gifts. You’ll get some serious cleaning done very quickly.

Tour the Christmas lights
It gets everyone out of the house and it’s completely free. Drive around different neighbourhoods and check out all the Christmas lights on display. It’s entertainment for at least an hour or two.

Play ‘ghost of Christmas past’
Gather up the children and spend a little time reminiscing about past Christmases. Talk about your favourite presents, great past memories and special traditions. Pull out the old photo albums to relive all your best holidays.
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