Dirty diapers, business deals and secret missions – just another day at the office for The Boss Baby

Dirty diapers, business deals and secret missions – just another day at the office for The Boss Baby

Cookies are for closure

DVD: The Boss Baby

Runtime: 100 minutes

Age restriction: PG

Special Features: BabyCorp and You; The Forever Puppy Infomercial; The Boss Baby and Tim’s Treasure Hunt Through Time; Cookies are for Closures: Inside BabyCorp; The Great Sibling Competition; Happy Accidents: The Deleted Scenes of Boss Baby; Gallery.

Reviewed by: Gareth Drawbridge

Review made possible by: Times New Media

In a typical household, it’s usually the patriarch (the father figure) who calls the shots…right?

Wrong. In the animated family adventure-comedy, The Boss Baby, unruly demands, late night meetings (aka feedings) and just about all the shots are being called by Theodore (voiced by Alec Baldwin), an infant dressed in a diaper and… a business suit.

However, Theodore is no ordinary baby and he is about to embark on a secret mission.

The Boss Baby is narrated by Tim Templeton (Toby Maguire), a seven-year-old with an overactive imagination. For several years, young Tim has been the centre of his doting parents’ attention. The family dynamics soon change when, one fine day, Tim’s little brother arrives by cab (so that’s where babies come from).  As soon as Theodore crosses the threshold, he immediately makes it clear that he is ‘The Boss’.

Despite feeling rejected by his parents, it isn’t long before Tim starts to suspect his little brother is not exactly a helpless baby with employees (or parents) at his beck and call. The sibling rivalry escalates once Tim discovers that Theodore can talk (and not just drool and say ‘goo goo, gaa gaa’). Knowing that his cover is blown, Theodore confides in Tim and briefs him on the real reason why he was chosen by BabyCorp to be Tim’s little brother.

According to market research and analytics, babies risk losing the affection of their parents in the favour of a new breed of puppy – one which will never grow old and always remain cute and adorable. This will have a negative impact on BabyCorp and affect Theodore’s chance of being promoted (and getting the corner office).

Calling a truce on their sibling squabbles, Theodore and Tim infiltrate Puppy Co. in an attempt to prevent the founder, Francis E Francis (Steve Buscemi) from launching the Forever Puppy. Along the way, the two learn the importance of teamwork as well as the strength and unbreakable bond of brotherly love.

The Boss Baby is a great family comedy, with plenty of humour for the young and hidden witty innuendos which are sure to be appreciated by adults.

The Boss Baby is now available on DVD.

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