A trio of fabulous reads

A trio of fabulous reads

Who doesn’t enjoy lounging around with a good book?

C’est la vie … The French Art of Letting Go is a tiny book crammed with info on how to give yourself a break. Written by Fabrice Midal, the founder of the Western School of Meditation, it’s all about  being calm, trying yoga, accepting life’s storms and simply ‘being’ . A lesson for all of us here. Orion UK, R275

If you’re going to just be, you need to be able to set boundries. To learn to say no. To make time to do the things that really matter to you. Boundaries – How to Draw the Line in Your Head, Heart and Home by Jennie Miller and Victoria Lambert gives you clear, usable advise on everything from sleep and eating habits to setting boundries at work, in your home, with your children and your boss and siblings. Set out in a four-step progamme, it’s all about taking control and getting your life back, on your own terms. HarperCollins UK, R285

There’s bad news. Our brains start to shrink from our mid-thirties. There’s good news. We still generally muddle along … and our brain is able to adapt when things go wrong. Alexis Willett and Jennifer Barnett’s How Much Brain Do We Really Need? ask – and answer – brainy questions like ‘do women really experience baby brain’, is brain training the key to healthy aging, and (one for the men) ‘does size really matter?’. Little Brown, R295

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