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Refresh, re-energise and rehydrate your skin

Refresh, re-energise and rehydrate your skin

Take a look at this fantastic range of products to help sooth and nourish your skin.

It’s time to refresh, re-energise and rehydrate that tired winter skin you’ve been hiding under layers of clothes all winter.

Milk Solutions’ Fruit Range includes a Pomegranate & Grapefruit range, with a delicious Balancing Body Bath (R110), Body Beautifying Cream (R167) and Sugar Skin Scrub (R216). It it’s soothing and nourishing you’re after, look out for the Soya Milk and Quince range, too. Details and stockists:

Here’s your recipe for great summer skin …

Exfoliate: Slough it off and smooth it out. Before you get into the shower or bath take a few scoops of a Sugar Skin Scrub and start massaging it into the skin. Concentrate especially on the knees and elbows. Move your hands over the body in an upwards motion(almost like you’re dry brushing) to renew and refine the skin.

Hydrate: Herbal teas and water flavoured with fresh fruit is the perfect way to stay hydrated this summer, while Balancing and Restorative Body Baths helps to keep your skin hydrated. It gently cleanses away any sand and dirt without stripping the skin and leaves your body feeling refreshed and relaxed. Tip: Add 10ml to running water for a relaxing and invigorating bath soak after a long day.

Moisturise: Massage a luxuriously light Body Beautifying Cream into your skin, one that’s easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling silky-soft. Whether you choose to head to the beach, pool, a party or just bed (we won’t judge), you can feel confident with soft and smooth skin.

Protect: After you’ve reinvigorated the body, don’t forget to protect your skin. Cover and protect with a wide brimmed straw hat and loose and light fabrics that gives your skin room to breathe.

Balance: Let the Milk Solutions Fruit Range inspire you to eat healthy this summer! Pomegranates and grapefruits are packed with anti-oxidants that help combat inflammation and premature ageing. Soya milk is a great alternative to regular milk and yummy when added to fresh smoothies. The quince can be tricky but apparently the poster fruit for taking things slow – take deep breaths and find time to relax.

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