Growth and Mindset: Three Steps to Help Your Child Grow From Failure

Traci Salter, Strategic Academic Development Advisor at ADvTECH, offers guidance on how to help your child learn from mistakes and not give up in the face of failure.
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Keep them safe near water

Parents need to recognise that swimming lessons do not protect kids from drowning, only constant supervision can.
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Tips to keep the little ones calm on Christmas Eve

We all remember what it was like to spend Christmas Eve excitedly bouncing off the walls and annoying our parents.
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How to keep little ones busy this Christmas

Stuck inside or on the road, have a look at these top tips for keeping the children entertained.
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Stressed out kids

As the end of 2016 approaches so too does the end of the school year, and for matric students, the conclusion of their schooling career. Exams can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. We chat to counselling psychologist Rakhi Beekrum about how to help kids cope.
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Three fun sponge activities for the kids

Fun toddler activities can be easy and inexpensive with products you can find around the house.
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School holiday fun

Keep the kids busy these holidays with these fun DIY learning activities…
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A must have for all new mothers and mothers to be

Baby must have: The baby sleeping bag with killer instinct – mozzie-killing instinct, that is…
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Fitness wins for kids

The responsibility for developing a child’s physical abilities lies first and foremost with the parents. And that’s a big responsibility.
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Choosing the right dog for your child

A home is definitely not a home unless you have a dog. Most people can relate to this.
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