Choose a pair of shoes wisely!

Ever considered that your back pain might be linked to the shoes you’re wearing? We sure didn’t. Here are a few tips to help you choose your next pair.
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Get Ready to Swap Styles at the Skip Fashion Exchange

The Skip Fashion Exchange offers dressers the unique opportunity to exchange these clothes for premium replacements.
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Plus Size Label Expands Size Curve

Captive8 recently launched their latest collection – specifically designed for the fashionable plus-size woman who appreciates exceptional quality and value.
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Yellow blush is taking the world by storm

Pssst… have you heard? Yellow blush is the latest makeup craze. Will you try it?
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The Right Swimsuit for You

Whether you are petite, full figured, tanned or pale; there is a bathing suit just for you!
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Snazzy Up your Beach Wear

We are totally obsessed with these sea-coral inspired, shoulder-kissing earrings.
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Your Spring and Summer Shoe of choice

Espadrils, with their trademark woven rope backs and ankle laces really are the quintessential summer shoes.
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The science of retail shopping

According to studies by leading consumer manufacturing companies, the majority of people look and then turn to the left when they enter a store.
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The Girls Guide to fashion trends

The 2 Girls Guide to Life video bloggers, Waewest and Jesze share their top 10 style trends for 2016
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Keep your leather handbag looking fab for years

A good handbag is like a good pair of shoes – it’s the perfect accessory to add a finishing touch to your outfit. Most of us know how to take care of our shoes, but somehow handbags are expected to bear the brunt of our daily activities without much thought to the wear-and-tear. Exclusive handbag makers, Via La Moda share their tips on taking care of your investment handbag…
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