Health and Beauty

Four tips for healthy skin

If you are wanting clear and healthy skin, keep these helpful tips in mind
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Get a handle on it

A kettlebell circuit is one of the most efficient ways to work your entire body. We ask personal trainer Michelle Hadlow to shed some light on the topic.
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Four tips for working out with a baby bump

Here are some simple exercises you can do during your pregnancy.
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Stay fit, healthy and happy

Here are some tips on how you can stay happy and healthy throughout the year.
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Be a teetotaler this St Patrick’s Day

Not only does green tea contain antioxidants, it also has a range of health benefits as well.
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Five tips to stay healthy

With the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle it can be difficult to make sure you are leading a healthy life.
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The role of water in dieting

Water plays a vital role in how the body functions. Here are some of the many health benefits water offers.
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Shape up – By Lize-Maré Landsman

So we all know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to health and fitness but it is equally important to get someone who is qualified to get you into shape. Remember, if you want to be and stay fit, fabulous and healthy, then you have to put in the time and effort to get there.
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Tips on clearing and planning your handbag wardrobe

We all have items in our cupboards that we love, and that perhaps have some sentimental value, but that we just don’t wear anymore. It is essential to clear out items that no longer work for you and re-evaluate what each item contributes to your wardrobe.
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11 Gross things that happen if you don’t remove all of your makeup before bed

Sleeping in your makeup can definitely spur flareups, especially on acne-prone skin or people with sensitivities to certain environments and materials.
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